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Frequently Asked Questions…..

We fabricate each item as they’re ordered. We occasionally have extras, but we usually don’t stock most items. It typically takes 8 to 10 BUSINESS DAYS to fabricate and ship after ordering. Certain products can take more than 5 business days to fabricate and ship, in those cases, the fabrication and shipping time is indicated in the item description.

We fabricate every complete product that we sell. Components such as raw leather and hardware are purchased locally when possible.  Our products are all designed, fabricated and shipped from Columbus Ohio, USA.

We don’t have a brick and mortar store or showroom. We work out of our workshop in the house.

As mentioned above, we don’t have an actual store. Our phone number is my cell phone. I’ve actually had people call me at 2:00 am about holsters. If there’s a actual need or desire to talk on the phone, I’ll give out the number on an individual basis.

No, absolutely not. Our leather comes from all over the world – Argentina, Italy, Great Britain, etc. It’s virtually impossible to purchase every component and every tool from a US manufacturer.  Companies that tell you that they’re only using American made materials and tools are not being honest. My favorite story regarding this question was from a potential customer that emailed and said that he will only purchase American made and sourced products, and he wanted me to certify that all of my materials and tools were American made.  At the bottom of his email was the footer: “Sent from my iPhone”

Yes, we can make custom holsters. The cost depends on what type of holster you want, for what gun and what type of leather.  Send us an email and ask!

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If you purchased a product from us through eBay or Etsy and you have a question or an issue regarding that specific item, you MUST contact us through the eBay or Etsy message system. We will NOT respond to ANY messages, sent through this form, regarding items purchased on eBay or Etsy. Sorry, that’s their rules.

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