New Product Announcement – Springfield Hellcat RDP Elephant Embossed Leather Holster

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New Product Announcement

We are proud to announce that the Springfield Hellcat RDP embossed elephant is now available. This embossed elephant leather is made from cowhide that’s textured, embossed and dyed to look and feel like actual elephant hide. The advantage of using cowhide verses actual elephant hide is the cost and the ethical aspect. Elephant hides are routinely harvested by poachers and then sold at an obscene price. Some elephant hides are humanely harvested from elephants that have died of other causes, but these tend to be extremely expensive. This holster, made from genuine elephant hide, would cost in excess of $400. Using embossed and textured cowhide is a reasonable way to control costs and not encourage or support illegal poaching of elephants.

Click HERE to see the Hellcat RDP elephant holster.